Menu from the market

Lunch and dinner at La Table du Mas

hotel 3 etoiles aix en provence

Le menu du marché (menu from the market) is designed every day by Chef Jean-Daniel before opening, inspired by fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Example of menu WINTER 2019 

  First course ( many choices )

Figatelli terrine with porcini mushrooms 

                             Yellow Beet Tartar and Red Quinoa / Vegetable tartar

Butternut and Potimarron soup

Main course

                 Gigotin of stuffing stuffed with chanterelles

Back of Arctic Char (fish), roasted saffran sauce

Ravioli with truffle


          Chocolate and Chestnut Fondant

Fruits salad

                                                          “Parfait glacé”

Rate :

26,50 € per person (3 courses)

22,50 € per person(2 courses)

17,00 € per person (main course)